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Top 10 Weeds

The bottom line is the weeds in our area are probably no different to everywhere else across Victoria and Australia. We have included some photos below, that may assist in identifying which weeds are on your property. 

When it comes to ‘best practice’ treatment there are many websites that will give you all the information you’ll need. The A-Z of Weeds on the Agriculture Victoria website is a great starting point.

For us it is simply a matter of perseverance … little by little we are getting on top of these weeds in our area. We hope you’ll see in the ‘before and after’ photos of our various Landcare projects, the difference we are making through this approach. The key thing to remember is follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. This is what we do at each of our primary sites. We go back each year and pull out Broom, spray the Blackberry and Bridal Creeper, cut & paint the Gorse etc, etc, etc.

Click on each image below to zoom in for a closer look at the photos.

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