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Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife are a group of local residents passionate about protecting and restoring our natural environment, and building our sense of belonging to the Barkers Creek community in which we live. We are now into our third decade and going strong. Learn more …

Bushland Birds of Barkers Creek

One of the wonderful things about restoring the local environment is seeing the return of the birds.

My place, West of the Creek, like many other ‘bush’ blocks in Barkers Creek, a little more than a quarter of a century ago was farming land, (largely) denuded of trees and shrubs and native grasses. Go East of the Creek, and History tells us that once Gold was discovered up Specimen Gully Rd one and a half centuries ago, the entire area was Dug up, Cut down… and then Dumped on.

As you will read elsewhere on our Website, Barkers Creek is now a ‘growing’ and ‘passionate’ community of people with many of us committed to restoring the Environment.

So, across the area with selective indigenous plantings the transformation is quite incredible. This is happening on many of the properties of our members, as well as the various Reserves and the Creek where our group is working. By doing this we’re creating links across the landscape for our native birds and animals. Not to mention the sheer beauty we get to enjoy.

Another, absolutely wonderful thing about Barkers Creek Landcare is welcoming new members. Early in 2020 Mick & Christine joined BCL&WG, and at our first working bee (within Covid gathering guidelines) Mick conveyed that his ‘passion’ was photography’… particularly ‘Local Birds’… and that he had a set of about 40 – all taken in the Natural Features Bushland Reserve (35.5 Ha b/t Peelers & Adams Roads).

By the end of the working bee it was decided to revamp this page to call it – Bushland Birds of Barkers Creek.

We hope you enjoy Mick Evans photos and get inspired in choosing what to plant and maybe even do a bit more bird watching … or join our Group.

This Bushland Reserve, since 2012, has been a major focus for our group – removing weeds (Broom; Gorse; Blackberry; Bridal Creeper; etc, and re-planting with nearly 1000 ‘Native’ species (see project page).

N.B. – A very big ‘thank-you’ goes to Garry Cheers for providing our initial set of photos.

Click on each image below to zoom in for a closer look at the photos.