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Wildflowers of Barkers Creek

This collection of flora photos will be added to as we go along … season by season. Each Spring when we visit one of our Bushland Reserves, the Heritage Diggings Park or even along Barkers Creek we will photograph native flowers to add to the site.

Spring of 2020 has been the wettest since 2010 and as a result the wildflowers have been extraordinary. In October this year we invited members to wander around their properties and photograph any wildflowers they discovered. As a result, this year’s update of our Local Flora includes, not only photos from the Walmer and Harcourt Bushland Reserves by Mick Evans (ME) and Daryl Colless (DC), but also members properties; Lois Denham (LD), Leah Mow-Yoffee (LMY) and Leonie Auhl (LA). We hope you enjoy… and take time to check out Mick’s ‘Twisted, Tortured and Coppiced’ reflection as well.

If you take a photo of a local wildflower in one of Barkers Creek work areas, and send it to us with the date, location and your name and you may end up one of the ‘star’ contributors on our website.

Click on each image below to zoom in for a closer look at the photos.

Previously, on the 17 September 2017 we extended an invitation to the Harcourt Valley Landcare group and other members of the Mt Alexander community to come and explore the Bushland Reserve (off Peelers Rd) that we have been working on for the past five years. It was a gorgeous spring morning and so many of the native plants were on show. We have added a selection of these photos for you to look at. A big thank you goes to Robyn from Harcourt Valley Landcare Group for taking photos and also to Bonnie for providing the identification.

Click on each image below to zoom in for a closer look at the photos.