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National Heritage Diggings Park

Did you know that Barkers Creek was the site of the first ever GOLD found in central Victoria?

It’s true … apparently, shepherds (employees of Mr Barker) who clearly were not watching their flocks by night but doing a little bit of prospecting on the side made the discovery.

As a result over 30,000 miners descended on Barkers Creek (and the Castlemaine area) and proceeded to turn the entire area into a moonscape and cut down every available tree for a multitude of uses.

The National Heritage Diggings Park is the result. We work with Parks Vic on this area but unfortunately over the years it has probably gone backwards in terms of its level of weed infestation. About 15+ years ago Boxer (local member, jack of all trades … and King of the kids) was one of a works team that bulldozed and burned all the Gorse. But as we all know if a site is not maintained all the weeds will come back. Now, not only is there a massive amounts of Gorse but it is full Bridal Creeper as well. The photos tell the story.

We will have to keep you posted on this site!