Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group

Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife are a group of local residents passionate about protecting and restoring our natural environment, and building our sense of belonging to the Barkers Creek community in which we live. We are now into our third decade and going strong. Learn more …

Restoring Old Tip Site in Barkers Creek


Until about 20 years ago this area was used as the Harcourt Tip. When the Mt. Alexander Shire consolidated to one major refuse site in Castlemaine, this area was capped and left. Because it sits right beside the Bushland Reserve that we have been working on for the past six years, we asked Council whether we could take responsibility for the Old Tip Site and do some re-vegetation.

Council agreed and gave us a small amount of funds to cover the cost of plants and mulch. Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife group covered the cost of the stakes and guards.

From 2019–2022 we operated under a 4 year ‘Partnership Agreement’ with Council to re-introduce a variety of Native Grasses (in pods to exclude foraging rabbits & wallabies) and to progressively remove introduced weeds, etc.

Once again, what a difference you can make when you have a willing group of volunteers. Whilst the previous agreement has finished, we are still hoping that Council will enter an MOU with us which will guarantee its care into the future.