Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group

Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife are a group of local residents passionate about protecting and restoring our natural environment, and building our sense of belonging to the Barkers Creek community in which we live. We are now into our third decade and going strong. Learn more …

Barkers Creek Restoration

You would think that being the Barker’s Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group, restoration of the creek would be a priority. And so it is. But it would have to be said that for many decades prior to the commencement of our Landcare activities the creek was no one’s priority.

For our original members removing all the Broom and Blackberries at McManus Road Reserve was their first major project. It has to be said perseverance pays off. What has followed in more recent years has been a concerted effort to engage all the creek line property owners by encouraging them to join what we called the Big Barkers Creek Blackberry’s Blitz.

Check out the film clips below, from the 2017 Victorian Blackberry Taskforce case studies, featuring our work with the Barkers Creek Blackberry and Gorse Action Group.

Approximately 90% of property owners joined us and this was our first major effort to clean up our section of Barkers Creek from Blackjack Rd to McManus Rd (about 4 kms). That perseverance continues today and now we have ongoing projects at McManus Road, School Road, Little Red Apple and White Gum Gully.

There are still a few gaps to be filled and yearly follow-up is required to make sure all the weeds don’t reappear. But we’re committed to that.