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Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife are a group of local residents passionate about protecting and restoring our natural environment, and building our sense of belonging to the Barkers Creek community in which we live. We are now into our third decade and going strong. Learn more …

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Barkers creek restoration

Barkers Creek Restoration

You would think that being the Barker’s Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group, restoration of the creek would be a priority. And so it is. But it would have to be said that for many decades prior to the commencement of our Landcare activities the creek was no one’s priority. For our original members removing all

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People removing broom at Bushland Reserve

Natural Features Bushland Reserve

What I remember was Bonnie Humphreys, a staff member at Connecting Country, who was working on the Yellow Box Woodland Project saying to me one day – ‘Hi guys we’re just wondering what you’re doing for the next five years and whether you’d like to look after a Bushland Reserve … it is only 35.5

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Broom weeds on White Gum Road

Roadside Weeds Removal Program

“Mount Alexander Shire Council has a funding agreement with the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DEWLP), for priority roadside weed control works – the Roadside Weeds and Pests Management Program (RWPP). Council desires to ‘plan and implement control activities for the long-term management of ‘regionally prohibited’, ‘regionally controlled’ and ‘restricted’ weeds on rural

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Planting a tree

Restoring Old Tip Site in Barkers Creek

Up until about 20 years ago this area was used as the Harcourt Tip. When the Mt. Alexander Shire consolidated to one major refuse site in Castlemaine, this area was capped and left. Because it sits right beside the Bushland Reserve, that we have been working on for the past six years, we asked Council

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Gorse in the National Heritage Diggings Park

National Heritage Diggings Park

Did you know that Barkers Creek was the site of the first ever GOLD found in central Victoria? It’s true … apparently, shepherds (employees of Mr Barker) who clearly were not watching their flocks by night but doing a little bit of prospecting on the side made the discovery. As a result over 30,000 miners

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Two people with baby standing at McManus Rd Reserve

McManus Road Reserve

Starting in 1998, this was the first major project tackled by the Barkers Creek Landcare and Wildlife Group. At that time this Reserve was an almost impenetrable wall of English Broom as far as the eye could see (which doesn’t really make sense). The group started on the left side of the bridge pulling broom

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Latest news

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  1. November 2019 Working Bee

    Sunday 17 November @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Blackberry weeds on White Gum Road

Top 10 Weeds

The bottom line is the weeds in our area are probably no different to everywhere else across Victoria and Australia. We have included some photos below, that may assist in identifying which weeds are on your property.  When it comes to ‘best practice’ treatment there

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Eastern Yellow Robin standing on a nest

Local Birds

One of the absolute best things about restoring the local environment is seeing the return of the birds. Not more than 20 years ago my block was farming land pretty much denuded of trees and shrubs, but now, with selective indigenous plantings the transformation is

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Purple Coral Pea

Local Flora

This collection of flora photos will be added to as we go along … season by season. Each Spring when we visit one of our Bushland Reserves, the Heritage Diggings Park or even along Barkers Creek we will photograph native flowers to add to the

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Meet our Exec


Daryl Colless


Daryl bought his lovely 10 acres and built his house in 2000 whilst still working in Melbourne (Northcote to be precise).  He has been involved in the Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group ever since.

It is a great community of people and we are achieving some wonderful environmental outcomes. One day maybe someone will put their hand up to take over being president … but I’m not holding my breath. The thing is, I am retired and love doing it anyway.

Photo of Phil

Phil Munari

Vice President

Phil moved back to central Victoria with his family in 2010 and settled in Barkers Creek. They joined Landcare as a way to meet and work with like minded local volunteers to clean up, improve and maintain the local environment.  Phil become Vice President in 2015. By day Phil is a project manager in the Australian Renewable energy industry.

The group has made real progress in a number of locations around Barkers Creek, and contributing to this progress whenever we are able is something my whole family enjoys.

Photo of Kirsten

Kirsten Hutchinson


Kirsten moved to Harcourt in 2011, and joined the Landcare group after she and her son, Aziz, looked across their paddock one morning and saw a group of people attacking a large patch of Montpelliar Broom. Kirsten soon became the group’s Secretary and has been ever since! She is a Senior Conservation Officer during the week.

During the winter in 2011, our Landcare group helped my family and I plant over 200 indigenous trees and shrubs into three rip lines around the perimeter of our paddock, which has now transformed our property.

Photo of Margaret

Margaret Olerton


Margaret moved to Barkers Creek from Melbourne in 1996 with her husband, to start a family and live the country life. Their neighbours encouraged them to join the Landcare group. Her husband became the Vice President, and Margaret the Secretary until 2011, when she took on the Treasurer’s role. 

Over the years the members of our Landcare Group have not only done some wonderful work in cleaning up, restoring and revegetating large areas of Barkers Creek, but they have also been supportive, generous and fun people to work alongside and socialise with.


Working Bees

We meet on the third Sunday of every month. 9am in Summer (Feb, March & Nov), 10am in Winter (June, July & Aug), 9.30am in April, May, Sept & Oct. We finish by noon. Working Bees are posted on facebook, our website event page, and emailed to our members 1 week beforehand.

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