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40 000 Trees Project

The Idea

40,000 Trees – 1 day, 1000 volunteers, 40,000 seedlings. (Across multiple planting sites within an 8km stretch of Harcourt North).

A grand and somewhat crazy project captured the imagination of the Barkers Creek Landcare Network. The aim was to save 40,000 seedlings with only 8 weeks to make it happen.

40,000 seedlings of local provenance to the Mt Alexander area were propagated by Middleton Prison as part of the Victorian Government’s 2 Million trees project. Unfortunately, the proposed projects for these plants did not proceed. To ensure the seedlings weren’t wasted, the (informal) Barkers Creek Landcare Network – Barkers Creek Landcare and Wildlife, Harcourt Valley and North Harcourt/ Sedgwick Landcare groups, took up the challenge to get them planted. Fortunately, the idea captured the imagination of sponsors, landholders and the general public. A timetable was developed and the 40,000 tree project was launched.

The Results

On the 11th July, 2015 in 6 degrees with 6mm rain over 600 people planted over 30,000 trees and shrubs in one day. In one of the coldest weekends in many years, it was amazing that so many volunteers turned out to the event. While we did not reach our volunteer targets, we were pleased that so many people braved the freezing conditions. Over one hundred additional people registered on the day! Can we do it? Yes we can… and yes we did.

The Big Thanks

“40,000 Trees has been supported by Landcare, Connecting Country, City of Greater Bendigo, Mt Alexander Shire, The Hub Foundation, Mash2, Tread Cafe and the Harcourt and District Lions Club. Many more have contributed, you know who you are. Most of all thank you to all the volunteers who braved the weather to create these wildlife corridors for our future. Thank you.”

Download the report below to read the whole story!